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Little Fyodor has been spreading his unique brand of avant-pop madness throughout the world musical underground for over twenty years, creating twisted, satirical songs which - beneath a crass and maniacal outer shell - express a deep empathy with those who most acutely experience the frustrations and alienation of modern life's "insect existence." Fyodor's songwriting, aesthetics and outlandish performances somehow manage to be simultaneously sad, angry and hilarious, and in doing so, appeal to the silent majority of disillusioned weirdos of the world, whom he adeptly addresses with a theatrical, daresay Vaudevillian flair, that is a brand all his own.

The Very Best Of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits! In the many years he's been pursuing his uncompromisingly eccentric artistic vision, Little Fyodor has released countless cassettes, several vinyl LPs and singles, a video, and a handful of CDs; the finest moments from all of which have finally been distilled down into one, definitive release presented by DISCRIMINATE AUDIO, "Boyd Rice Presents: The Very Best Of Little Fyodor's Greatest Hits!". This "best of" disc spans not only Little Fyodor's career, but also the full spectrum of instrumentational possibility, featuring tracks which utilize everything from the traditional "rock" ensemble, to saxophones, synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, toy instruments, and beyond.

Little Fyodor started his underground musical career as the Assistant Head Moron of Walls Of Genius, who have been called "funnier than hell weirdos" in the 1996 book Unknown Legends Of Rock 'N' Roll. He has since hooked up with his lovely assistant Babushka, who has lent her support in an act of mercy reflective of her Olde World upbringing, forming a guitar and keyboard performance juggernaut backed by a powerhouse punk band of crazed hipsters! Little Fyodor is also a radio deejay and has been hosting a show on KGNU, Boulder & Denver called Under The Floorboards since 1982 featuring experimental and idiosyncratic sounds of the underground.

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